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The WTHN August Essentials

Beauty, Food, and Fitness! Let's recap our August favorites that made us feel our best this Summer!


Ok, I'm sure everyone is already obsessed with Aquaphor Lip Balm, but incase you haven't hopped on the bandwagon, I am here to tell you it is all the hype! I have been using aquaphor on a daily basis all of August and I have never experienced dry lips, arms, or even a dry face. I love this product because it is perfect for a minimalist lip look, but also moisturizes any part of your body!

Summer is great, but we all know that the sun exposure + occasional swims can cause our hair to become drier. The Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask was my best friend in fighting a dry scalp! This mask not only smells good, but is super moisturizing and easy to apply on hair-wash days, I recommend!

Lastly, the #1 beauty product I recommend! Ice rolling has been a game changer for me when beating puffiness, redness, or just stress. We often hold amounts of stress in our face and lymphatic node, so ice rolling in the mornings can help fight this inflammation and not only cool down our face, but also our hormones. This hack is very simple, but makes a big difference!


The first contender for my August food favorites is Misfits Protein Bars. These bars have saved me during early morning XC practice before school as they are a quick and nutritious on-the-go snack. The bars pack 0g of sugar and 15-20g of protein which is amazing for post-workout! My favorite flavors are Chocolate Speculoos and Chocolate S'mores!

Burrata Salad has become a staple in my household for weekday dinners! The combo of burrata cheese and arugula with roasted peppers or tomatoes is so delicious and healthy! This meal is super easy and quick to prepare for busy nights and is best served with a slice of warm bread!

Who would I be if I didn't include coffee in my favorites! This past Summer, La Colombe Cold Brew has been my absolute go-to for caffeine. I love all the roasts, but I think Extra Bold takes the win for me. This coffee is rich, smooth, and pairs well with any kind of milk or just black!


My current favorite running shoes for track workouts have been the On Cloud 5 Sneakers. These shoes have great support for any kind of movement, but I especially love the traction they hold for long cross-country workout days! I definitely recommend trying a pair as they are well worth it!

My next fitness favorite has been variety in my workouts! Of course, running will always hold a special place in my heart, but this August I was lucky to try out some pilates and yoga classes, and I loved it! I think the best way to keep yourself active and maintain movement is to change things up time to time so we avoid getting bored of the same workout! I recommend trying a new type of exercise this September and step out of your comfort zone!

These August favorites can easily be used in September or any other month! These products, tips, and recipes were my go-tos and I hope they inspire you as we begin our month on the right foot! I hope you enjoyed the WTHN August essentials and stay updated for new September favs!

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